Oscar Awards 2022 Nominations and Predictions

The Oscar Awards 2022 is among those grand events that will be held on the 27th March 2022. It’s among those prestigious events that is loved and watched by millions of film watchers from all over the world. Yes, it’s one of those brilliant events that have received immense love from the audience of the entire world.

Each of the cinema fans loves the Oscar Awards 2022 show and it’s finally coming home. Indeed, in such a scenario, there are ample of things along with Nominations and predictions that you got to know.

On the same note, let’s not waste any more time, go ahead and unveil the Oscar Awards 2022 event details.

Oscar Awards 2022 Nominations and Predictions

As we said above, the current Oscar Awards will be held on the 27th March 2022. With that, the fans are excited about the news for such a grand event finally taking place. Indeed, each COVID norm will be in place and the event will run keeping each thing perfectly.

Going ahead in terms of the venue, the grand Dolby Theatre will be the one to host such a prestigious event. Additionally, it will be held in Los Angeles where tons of the fans will get a chance for watching the Oscar Award show live.

Still, the fans who would be able to watch the great event at the venue will be the lucky ones.

Talking about the Oscar 2022 predictions, things are still not clear at the current level. There are ample top-class movies that can certainly win the current Oscar Awards 2022 for which the fans are going gaga.

In terms of the Oscar nominations, the voting will begin on Thursday, January 27. 2022 and will end on February 1st, 2022. Indeed, there are ample of people to vote for their favorite film and it will be a treat to watch the voting.

Still, if you are someone who is searching for the current Oscar 2022 predictions and voting, come along and unveil the top film predictions.

Check out the time, date, venue, and updates about Oscar Awards 2022 here.

Best Picture Predictions

Given below are some of the predictions of the best picture that you can discover as follows:

  •         Don’t Look Up
  •         Dune
  •         Parallel Mothers
  •         Tick Tick Boom
  •         Being the Ricardos
  •         Belfast
  •         King Richard
  •         The Tragedy of Macheth
  •         Flee
  •         CODA

Additionally, apart from the above pictures, there are plenty of more movies from top-class directors that are all in line.

As per voting, Oscar awards will be given where even the film directors and producers are excited for the current awards.

Note: The Hosts for Oscar Awards 2022 are already announced.


As of now, it’s still early days, and no real type of speculations we can offer. Each film has got its fan base and the actors along with actresses have given their all in every single film.

Given such things in place, each of the directors, producers, and actors are willing that their films and they win the Oscars.

Still, time will tell each of the things and all will be revealed at the grand Oscar 2022 event. 

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