How To Watch Academy Awards Live in 2022

The 94th Academy awards is about to be presented by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. For the same, there are millions of fans who are waiting for the Academy Awards 2022.

In terms of the dates, it’s about to get started from March 27, 2022, and it will be one of the finest award shows. Further, going ahead with the location scenario, the award will take place at the great Dolby theater in Hollywood, Los Angeles.

With that, the venue has got ample of space and the audiences can evenly sit following the COVID protocols. Yes, COVID hasn’t been finished yet and the audiences will have to follow each of the COVID-19 protocols.

However, there are tons of fans in the United States who have the ambition to watch Academy awards from their own location.

With that, let’s go ahead and unveil the scenario that can help USA viewers watch Academy awards 2022.

Watch Academy Awards 2022 with ABC Networks

Yes, for each of those Americans who live in the United States, you can effortlessly go for the ABC streaming service. The American broadcasting company are among the oldest companies out there and are known to offer quality services.

This company has got the flagship property of the Walt Disney television which is another massive thing.

Additionally, speaking about the company’s network, they have got their headquarters in Burbank, California followed by other regions.

Currently, ABC has got the exclusive rights to watch the Academy Awards 2022 and as fans, you must be pretty excited for this thing.

To watch Academy awards 2022 with ABC, the steps are simple as follows:

  •         First of all, you will have to visit the ABC website
  •         Then, after entering the website, you got to make your account for the same
  •         In the account formation, you will need to all of the essential details.
  •         With that, you can create your account within seconds
  •         Then, one thing you got to know is that there is no sort of fees associated with the ABC channel
  •         Therefore, you can easily create your account and watch the current Academy awards on the ABC platform.
  •         Still, you must make sure that you have decent to good speed internet. Once that thing is clear, then you can easily go ahead and watch the Academy Awards 2022 online on the ABC network.

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Get Other Streaming Services to Watch Academy Awards 2022 Live

Apart from ABC’s official streaming channel, there are ample other streaming services that you can gradually choose.

Here, you can opt for Sling TV, FuboTV, Hulu Live TV, and tons of such streaming services. Yes, things do depend upon your budget where you can choose the services on the basis of your likings.

Final Word of Mouth

The current Academy Awards 2022 is about to get underway and the fans are feeling excited for the same. Rest, for the people of the United States, the ABC channel is the first and most confident streaming option.

You can easily choose the ABC platform and watch the Academy Awards 2022 in a clear and high-quality manner. 

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